Dungeon Boss Heroes Fantasy MOD APK 0.5.15965 (Menu One Hit God Mode) Android

Dungeon Boss Heroes - Fantasy v0.5.15965

January 22, 2023 Role Playing
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Role Playing
58 MB
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Menu One Hit God Mode
Jan 20, 2023
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Description Dungeon Boss Heroes - Fantasy

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Dungeon Boss Heroes has fun gameplay when accompanied by characters with different characteristics. In addition, the random summoning mechanism is of some interest to the player, and the strength of each hero is determined by many factors that you will take into account. In Dungeon Boss Heroes, you will become a dungeon defender against powerful and diverse enemies. . Your team will consist of 4 people with different strengths and attributes that you will spend time recruiting in the future. In addition, each move requires the player to choose the appropriate strategy and attack in order to defeat the enemy.

Dungeon Boss Heroes Fantasy MOD APK 0.5.15965 (Menu One Hit God Mode) Android

Thus, you will be the one who will decide the tactics and coordination to create a strong team depending on PVE and PVP. At the beginning of the game you will find two characters of two different races: Rogar, a dwarf, and Willow, a fast Rogue. You will control this character to attack the enemies that appear in front of you in order to prevent anyone from surviving. At the same time, you can also understand that there are many different races in the world of this game, so you will be the one to take the time to explore it, and each new character that appears brings you a fresh feeling.

Dungeon Boss Heroes Fantasy MOD APK 0.5.15965 (Menu One Hit God Mode) Android

In Dungeon Boss Heroes, players will participate in 4v4 matches where two teams will face each other. When it is the turn of any character, you will see their portrait and the number of skills they have. You’ll find an important attack skill that can be used every turn, and a unique ability that deals massive damage and requires a cooldown after one use. In this way, depending on the target, you will be able to launch appropriate attacks, and some levels will feature powerful creatures that are bosses. In addition to the campaign mode, you can also find other game modes to test your strength and get impressive rewards that can be dropped.

Dungeon Boss Heroes Fantasy MOD APK 0.5.15965 (Menu One Hit God Mode) Android

– Summon a horde of dwarf warriors, evil goblins, assassin ninjas, majestic knights and mythical beasts.
– Collect and upgrade fantastic heroes and create your own teams to guard the dungeon arena.
– PvP Raid the dungeons of your friends and enemies to steal their gold in battles.
– Explore many battlefields and send your teams to fight against ferocious monster bosses.
– Summon your friend’s strongest hero into battle. Your friend can help you defeat this boss monster.
– Test your skills and earn rare loot in Tower of Pwnage, Challenge Mode and, if you dare, Boss Mode.
– Upgrade your hero’s equipment and customize your hero’s abilities by crafting runes.
– Complete special quests to level up your hero and unlock epic new abilities.
– Customize the appearance and abilities of your heroes with unique skins and epic weapons.
– Get huge loot through daily quests, weekly events, dungeons and leaderboards!
– Learn from other players’ strategies by watching combat replays of your PvP dungeon arena.
– Fight and coordinate with your guild to overcome even greater challenges!
– Defeat huge monster bosses with your guild and share huge loot!
– COMING SOON Send your heroes on expeditions to earn loot! Get rewards while you sleep or when you are in afk!


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